If you control the grips then you control the fight - it's that simple!

"Grip fighting is everything in competition Judo - it helps you control, setup and throw your opponent easier."

If you have been doing Judo for more than five minutes then you would have noticed that grip fighting is crucial if you want to succeed in the sport. If you don't know how to grip fight then you will get dominated each and every training session.

The difference between a successful competitive judoka and an unsuccessful is comes down to their level knowledge of grip fighting. The techniques and strategies in this 39 minute DVD download are the same techniques I teach, beginner, intermediate and advanced level judoka to help them throw more people, attack more often and not get dominated each and every training session.

In this DVD you will learn

  • How to control your opponents 'Power hand" (this is one of most important things you will ever learn)
  • Strategies against left handers
  • Learn how to control the inside lapel properly and effectively
  • Right vs right or left vs left gripping sequences
  • What to do when your opponent is dominating the grips
  • and loads more!



If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email me at support(at)judostrength.com

Yours in Judo,



Matt your grip fighting setups vs left handers has reshaped how I fight. I can't believe you call these strategies 'basics.'

- Ryan

“After the IJF changed the grip fighting rules I struggled at Judo practice. Since watching this DVD and learning your legal grip breaks my Judo has gotten better.”

- Mick